Music Lab

LOCATION: BUDAPEST, 1051 Október 6. utca 7., groundfloor

We are always looking for musicians who are interested in taking part in experiments. Feel free to contact us at:

Currently running studies:

Piano and Brain Waves - EEG study for pianists with at least 6 years of training

Piano Expert 2 - For pianists who are wither undergraduate or have already had a degree (BA/MA) in piano performance/teaching

Drumming Experiment - For non-musicians (less than one year of training, not playing on any instument)

Recently published papers:

Wolf, T., Vesper, C., Sebanz, N., Keller, P. E., & Knoblich, G. (2019). Combining Phase Advancement and Period Correction Explains Rushing during Joint Rhythmic Activities. Scientific Reports, 9(1), 9350.

McEllin, L., Knoblich, G., & Sebanz, N. (2018). Distinct kinematic markers of demonstration and joint action coordination? Evidence from virtual xylophone playing. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 44(6), 885-897.