Take part in our studies

We are looking for participants in Vienna and Budapest!

Our research aims at understanding perception, action, and cognition in the context of social interaction. We run simple behavioral studies, EEG studies and musical studies. In our experiments participants are asked to do simple tasks on a computer, on a musical device, or on a custom-built experimental setup. Most of our experiments require two participants coordinating and communicating with each other.

We recruit participants through an online system called Sona. We encourage you to register to Sona using the link below, and you will be able to see the currently running experiments and you can sign up to any of the open slots.

We compensate our participants with 10-20 EUR/hour in Vienna and Edenred vouchers worth 1500-5000 HUF/hour in Budapest.

Click here to sign up:


VIENNA, Quellenstraße 51

The Somby Lab in Vienna just opened in September 2020 and is looking forward to welcoming new participants!

Budapest, 1051, Oktober 6 utca 7

The Somby Lab in Budapest opened in 2014 and we welcome participants to take part in our studies until September 2021!