Martin Freundlieb

PhD Student

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Oktober 6. utca 7

Martin grew up in Northern Germany before he took his undergraduate studies in Philosophy&Economics in Bayreuth, Germany. His B.A. thesis (title: "Empathy and its Influence on Social Interaction") then brought him to the field of Cognitive Science, which he consecutively studied in Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary (the latter on a ERASMUS mundus scholarship). In August 2012, he graduated from the Viennese 'Middle European Interdisciplinary Masters Programme in Cognitive Science' after having completed his thesis (title: "Getting Long in the Tooth while Short on Social Affect? The Influence of Age&Gender on Empathy and Empathic Appraisal) under the supervision of Claus Lamm, head of the Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Unit, University of Vienna, Austria. Since September 2012, Martin is a PhD student in the Cognitive Science department of the CEU.